About Us
Established: 1996

President Physician: Bruce Chung MD  

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Chung constantly supplies the initiative to direct the practice to the forefront of Family Medicine and to the benefit of our local community. Many patients trust and highly recommend Dr. Chung to their family and friends because of his communication style and the clinical knowledge.  His long presence in the neighborhood provides stability, integrity, and dependability.

Nurse Practitioner:
Christine Hosein, FNP

NP Christine joined our practice in August 2016.


IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS Family Physicians are doctors trained to take care of the whole family from newborns to grand parents. We provide 90 percent of the family’s medical needs, such as preventive care, skin procedures, mental health issues, and chronic diseases management. We also act as a patients guide through the complicated health care system, including handling the confusing and time-consuming administrative work required by insurance companies. It is in patient’s best interest to see us first, because we know patient’s entire medical history and overall medical status. We will refer patients to various specialists based on their medical conditions and discuss results provided by the Specialist, if necessary. Family Physicians at City Care Family Practice (CCFP) consider themselves in a partnership with our patients. By working together closely, the highest quality of medical care is provided.

1) Ability: We are able to address most of your health problems with our extensive experience and knowledge.

2) Availability: We are open 6 days a week. Same day appointments are avilable most of the time.

3) Affability: We are nice!

For Children: Well child visits, Immunizations, School Physicals, Sports Physicals, Camp Physicals

For Women: Pregnancy Testing, Annual Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear, Contraceptive Counseling, Urinary Tract Infections

For Men/Women/Children/Other Services: Electrocardiograms (EKGs), Employment Exams, Specialist Referrals, Travel counseling, recommended Immunizations, Skin tag removal,Acne Care, Minor Laceration Repair, Wart Removal, In-Hospital Patient Care, Hypertension Management, Diabetes Management, Minor skin surgery, Flu shots, Urgent visits, Marriage Exams, Sports Injuries, Asthma and Allergy Management.


1.EMR/Patient Portal allows providers to organize patient care efficiently, and communicate with patients securely.

2.Extended Patient Hours and Open Access Scheduling System 

-Accommodates patients who need to see a doctor without sacrificing their work time

-Enables patient to be seen on the same day of the appointment request

3.Reminder/Follow-Up Systems (RHM, Vaccines, Specialists Referrals, Labs)
-Reminds patient importance of preventative care to minimize the chance of future problems
-Alert patient for immediate actions to treat probable fatal illnesses
4.Bilingual Providers and Staff

-Promote clear communications with patient in NYC with multiple languages capabilities
-Current Available Language: Japanese, Spanish, Burmese,Tagalog and French.

5.Patient Centered Medical Home – Level 3 facility (Highest Achievable Level)

6.Meaningful Use Stage 1&2– Achieved attestation

7.New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH) Projects.
City Care Family Practice (CCFP) is recognized by NYCDOHMH as one of the most reliable high-performance medical facilities in NYC. We have been asked to participate in multiple projects to test or implement the best approach to patients with specific conditions. By being a part of these programs, we can not only serve the community, but also offer our patients cutting-edge methods to improve outcomes:

a)         Influenza Incidence Surveillance Project (IISP) 2009~Present

CCFP has been an integral participant in a Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologist funded influenza incidence surveillance project (IISP) since 2009. The goals of IISP are to determine the incidence of medically attended influenza-like-illness (ILI) among health care seeking populations and from this population, the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza and other respiratory viruses. The project also includes other selected practices in NYC and practices from 11 other states and jurisdictions.
This project helps our community as well as the nation to understand influenza infection trends and aid in the development of influenza vaccines.

b)              eHearts 2009~2011 

This is an incentive program funded by the Robin Hood Foundation.  This initiative has rewarded and recognized several electronic health record (EHR)-enabled practices for achieving excellence in managing patients with heart disease and related conditions. We have earned an excellent status and thus are eHearts recognized providers. Even after completing this project, we continue to implement the same methods to care our patients with current heart conditions or future risks.

 c)              Bridges to Excellence ® (BTE) in Diabetic Care 2012~2013 

Dr. Chung has achieved recognition for excellence in diabetes care through “Bridges to excellence ® (BTE) in Diabetic care” which brings a great advantage to all diabetic patients at CCFP. BTE quotes: “Our programs measure the quality of care delivered in provider practices. We place a special emphasis on managing patients with chronic conditions, who are most at risk of incurring potentially avoidable complications. Our Recognitions cover all major chronic conditions, plus office systems – and a real Medical Home measurement scheme to promote comprehensive care delivery and strong relationships between patients and their care teams.”

 d)              Panel Management Program 2012~2013
This is a program that provides practices with an additional resource to help practices by doing outreach, follow-up and education to patients in our community. It is focused on patients who routinely fall through the gaps with preventative services and timely intervention in regards to priority areas such as hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes, ensuring patients take the appropriate actions between visits. This brings our Reminder/Follow-Up Systems mentioned above to the next level of perfection.

e)              HEAL17 2012~2014
Its mission is to improve the quality of care for individuals with depression, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders through technology that links patient centered medical homes and specialty mental health practices. CCFP is one of the 16 qualified facilities selected by NYCDOHMH to participate in this program.

f)        Kiosk Project 2013~2015

CCFP places 2 iPad kiosks in the facility to enable patients to access to their Patient Portal and health education materials such as videos, documents and websites. The kiosks will present health educational resources that focus on the importance of prevention, early treatment, and overall self-care. Our goal is to strengthen patient engagement and education with the use of the kiosks.
CCFP is constantly evolving to provide the highest level of medical care and coordination in the community. Frequent patient satisfaction surveys help us understand how much the patients appreciate our services and what they desire in the future.   Close interactions with NYCDOHMH place us prominently on the front line of medical care trends. By being involved in those projects, we are forced to evaluate ourselves periodically. CCFP trains our physicians and staff to work as a team constantly addressing these challenges and implementing the best systems successfully.