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Bruce K. Chung, M.D.

Bruce K. Chung, M.D.

Dr. Chung is the founder of City Care Family Practice P.C.  He was raised in Michigan near Detroit.  He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and obtained a Material Science and Engineering degree.  He completed his medical school training at Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. 

For the next four years he served in the US Air Force in Japan as a Family Doctor.  After the Air Force, he has worked in Family Practice offices in Hawaii and New York.  In private practice since 1995, he strives to bring personalized, professional care to his patients.           

He practices sprinting early in the mornings so he can compete in local Masters track meets against other sprinters in his age group.  He also loves to eat all kinds of foods and is always looking for new interesting restaurants to try.  When he is free, he enjoys playing sports with his son.

After years of practice in Manhattan Dr. Chung has come to the conclusion that there are a few healthcare styles that may keep you healthy or make your life easier.  
Routine - Although screening cannot prevent all diseases, regular visits with a doctor you know and who knows you, is the best way to prevent diseases caused by lifestyle. Smoking, weight, lack of exercise, and lipids are basic issues addressed regularly at a Family Doctor’s office.
Network - Your connection to the health care system starts with your Family Doctor.   Specialist referrals, labs, treatment can be obtained much more easily if you deal with a professional who sees many people with the same types of problems every day.   

Comfort - It is much easier to get to the bottom of a problem with someone you know.   Each time you meet a new provider it takes a while to break through the initial uncertainty. 
Doctors, too, need time to know your personality in order to interpret your current symptoms.  By establishing a relationship over time, problems are much simpler to address.         

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