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Can I See My Doctor By TeleVisit?

As COVID-19 has ushered in a new normal defined by remote work, online schooling, limited weekly outings, social distancing, and public face coverings, your need for timely medical care hasn’t diminished. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the commute and check in with your health care provider without leaving the safety and comfort of home?

Here at City Care Family Practice in Lower Midtown Manhattan, we’re committed to providing accessible, high-quality care to all our patients — even in the midst of a global pandemic. The telemedicine service we provide makes it possible to see a physician via a high-speed internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Find out more about our TeleVisit program and how, when circumstances warrant, you can access quality medical care without leaving your home.  

TeleVisit basics

A TeleVisit is a one-on-one “virtual” office visit with your doctor. Initially, these face-to-face online appointments were conceived as a way to connect geographically distanced patients with healthcare providers. 

At City Care Family Practice, we use the TeleVisit system to address a wide range of common medical needs and as a safer in-home option for prompt, comprehensive care in the time of COVID-19. 

What conditions can you treat via a TeleVisit?

The team at City Care Family Practice uses TeleVisits to provide immediate care for established patients who wish to discuss emerging symptoms and provide ongoing care for established patients who are managing a chronic disease.  

TeleVisits cannot always replace an in-person appointment, but you may consider a virtual visit for:

Depending on your circumstances and what’s noted during the virtual visit, your provider may recommend you come in for an in-person appointment, schedule lab studies or tests, or call in a prescription to help alleviate your symptoms.

While our team prefers to meet first-time patients in person, we do offer new patient TeleVisits when appropriate. During this type of virtual appointment, you’ll get to know your doctor, go over your health history and current medical conditions, discuss any medications you’re taking, and schedule an in-office follow-up visit if necessary. 

What equipment do I need for a TeleVisit?

Besides a high-speed internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone that’s compatible with online viewing, you’ll need a quiet, private place to meet with your provider. For obvious reasons, your car is not the best location from which to conduct a TeleVisit.

Other items to have on hand for your virtual visit may include:

Call 212-545-1888 to learn more about virtual visits with the team at City Care Family Practice, or click online to schedule your TeleVisit appointment.

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