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Have the Vacation of Your Dreams With Traveling Counseling

Have the Vacation of Your Dreams With Traveling Counseling

City Care Family Practice is a full-service medical practice that provides outstanding care for individuals of all ages. Located in Lower Midtown on the east side of Manhattan in New York, our team of Family Medicine specialists uses the latest in medical expertise to meet all your healthcare needs in a culturally diverse atmosphere that’s always welcoming and always patient-focused.

Our travel counseling service helps ensure your vacation, business trip, or semester studying abroad is a healthy one.

Why would I need travel counseling?

With the availability of internet communication, the diseases for which you may be at risk are well known. Preventing sickness is much more effective than treatment once you are sick. The travel counseling services we provide at City Care Family Practice ensure that you and your family’s vaccinations and other preventative requirements are up-to-date before you set out on your traveling adventure.

Our team can also provide the latest information regarding travel warnings for communicable diseases, regional health threats such as malaria, and even routine recommendations for drinking water and other safety concerns in the area you plan to visit.

We also provide guidance for travelers with chronic conditions such as:

Do I need travel counseling if I’m not leaving the United States?

Travel counseling is ideally suited to the international traveler, but is also extremely valuable for travel within the United States, especially for those individuals who have chronic medical conditions.

Your provider can, for instance, offer guidance regarding ways to manage your medication during a trip. If you have diabetes, you may need to adjust insulin doses slightly due to lack of physical activity on a long road trip. If, on the other hand, yours is a hiking trip with lots of physical exertion, you may need to reduce your insulin slightly.

What immunizations will I need for international travel?

Routine vaccinations or boosters required for international travel can vary depending on the region to which you’re traveling. Some of the more common are:

In some cases, your provider may recommend treatment to help prevent disease while you’re traveling. If, for instance, you’re visiting a warm tropical climate where malaria is a concern, you may benefit from starting an antimalarial treatment before your planned trip.

Notably, you should schedule a travel consultation at least four to six weeks before your departure date, since it can take several weeks for immunizations to take effect.

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